Password Strategies

In Password Strategies we explain how to create good passwords and encourage you to use them. Creating good passwords is a skill, which requires practice to improve.Passwords are a critical but often discounted aspect of our digital lives. A password is like a key in that it enables you to open a door – to the file cabinet in which you keep your bank, health, and tax records, to your mailbox, or to your house. A password is like your signature in that it lets you buy online, transfer money, or send official communications. If someone has your passwords s/he can take your money, invade your private matters, and masquerade as you before friends and family.Don’t be caught unprepared: it’s time to create and consistently use good passwords. Good passwords, when used, will help:* Secure your personal and work information
* Prevent use of your accounts to harm another person
* Hinder intrusion into Concordia systems

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