Mac 101

As teachers at Concordia you get a MacBook Pro to use as a tool to help you be more productive and effective at your job. There are lots of amazing tools for you to use, but if you aren’t familiar with the programs you are provided with or you’ve never used a mac before this new tool might feel a little overwhelming.
This course is designed to help speed that transition period up and help you feel that you can easily navigate your new computer as soon as possible. This course consists of 4 main lessons, a few completion activities and finally some resources that can help you continue your learning if you choose to.
Objectives: At the end of this course you will
* Understand the basics of the mac operating system
* Know how to care for your laptop by cleaning it, preserving the battery life and backing up your computer
* Have a basic understanding of how to use pages, keynote and numbers
* Know how to print from Concordia printers
* Be able to use the main tools in Outlook

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